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How to open and repair a stuck door latch

Jammed PVC-door locks and latches

Before we look at how to fix a lock, here’s a note about any problems with PVC door locks or mechanisms.

Problems with PVC doors, such as the latch not retracting or the locking mechanism being defective, are usually not so easy to fix. If the mechanism is defective, it can be difficult to open the door, and when you do, you will most likely need to replace the mechanism.

All this requires skill, time and money. So, if you have a problem with a PVC door, it is always better to seek professional help.

The credit card method

The first thing you can try to open a stuck deadbolt is to slide a plastic card (such as a credit card) between the door and the frame where the deadbolt is located. This will hopefully push the latch back and allow the door to open. Push the card in hard and play with it a little while shaking the door a little at the same time. Shaking the door and the card inside might loosen some elements that hold the door/lock in place.

Call a locksmith

You came here to learn how to open and fix the lock yourself.  Here’s the thing: If the lock is so stuck that you can’t undo it with a PVC card, you’ll have to use some destructive methods that can also damage your door or frame.

If you are sure that you will not cause any damage to your door or frame with the methods described below, you can try it.

If not, then you should save yourself the risk of spending more time and money repairing damage that could occur if you try to fix the problem yourself.  Calling a locksmith is probably the easiest and safest way to get your door lock opened and repaired.

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