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How to replace door hinges

Door hinges provide support for doors and allow them to open and close sufficiently. They are critical for almost any door to function properly.

Over time, it’s likely that door hinges will need to be replaced or that new door hinges will need to be installed on new doors. Fortunately, these are two simple DIY projects that will make a big difference to your home.

Reassure the door

Open the door so that the entire hinge is exposed, then place wooden blocks or sturdy door stops under the door to stabilize it. Since the door doesn’t need to be removed, these blocks will help support the door so it doesn’t tip over.

Make sure you have the right hinges and measure your door

Make sure your new hinges match the old ones in both size and edge shape.

Also, use a tape measure to make sure the old hinges are in the right place on the door. They should be placed so that one is 17.5 cm from the top edge of the door frame and one is 27.5 cm from the bottom edge of the door frame.

Remove the old hinges

If your old hinges were sitting in place, start at the top hinge and remove the screws that hold the hinge blades in place. Pull the hinges off the door and jamb (the vertical part of the door frame to which the door is attached), and check the wood underneath to make sure it’s in good condition.

If any of the holes are ragged, you should plug them with a small wooden wedge.

Prepare the jamb and door for the new hinge

If the old door hinge has been around for a long time, you’ll probably need to make some repairs to the jamb and door.

Sand the wood, if necessary, and paint a finish that matches the wood.

If the new hinges are a different size than the old ones, you will need to fill the hole in the door and door frame with wood putty. Let the putty dry thoroughly and then paint or stain it to match the rest of the door.

Install the new hinge

Carefully place the new hinge in place of the old hinge. Find the screws from the package and use a screwdriver or drill to secure both sides of the hinge to both the jamb and the door. Secure the hinge by inserting the hinge pin into the hinge.

Repeat the process for the second hinge. Go to the bottom hinge and remove it with a drill or screwdriver. Insert the new hinge and screws as before and secure it with the new hinge pin.

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