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How to install a new shower head

Blocked DrainsIn the past, shower accessories were really expensive, and it was a bit daunting to achieve that amazing rain shower or replacement for a tricky electric shower. With the internet and the information that is now available, it is now possible to really offer an easy way to replace your old shower head.

So how easy is it to change a shower head?

If you can undo something, you are pretty qualified in terms of general home improvements. This is a task you can do yourself to save money. Shower heads and shower hoses can be loosened by turning them counterclockwise and tightened clockwise. You may need an adjustable wrench or slip-joint pliers to loosen the old ones, but some are only hand-tightened. You shouldn’t even have to use plumber’s tape or silicone sealant for this shower pressure-dependent job.

Fixed shower heads

These, as the name implies, are not adjustable and are fixed to the ceiling or path. This can be done directly or with a short piece of bent or straight pipe. The shower head can come in different shapes and styles, but they all have the same 1.5 cm connection.

Bath shower mixer faucets 

This is the option that was popular before the shower culture we have now. In most cases, people are limited by space, but wanted a handheld shower over the bathtub for washing their hair. A shower mixer for the bathtub was created, which made it possible to add a diverter on the bathtub faucet in a hand shower.

In general, people want electric showers because the water supply does not have enough water pressure to provide quality water flow for a shower. Low flow is one of the main reasons people consider a power shower. One of the main problems with installing a power shower is getting the power to the right place. Another problem with showers is that they are not great in terms of water conservation. If you want to save money on energy bills or reduce water waste, it may be better to install a shower with a lower flow rate.

Installing new fixtures 

If you also need to replace other elements of your shower and drill into walls and especially tile, be careful as the drill bit can easily slide onto the tile, causing cracking or chipping. Also, drills have a habit of scratching furnishings if you are not careful. So whatever you have, it’s a head for you. It’s easy to replace a head and update your tired-looking head, and if you change the hose at the same time, it can look like you’ve had a new shower.

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