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How to fix a clogged kitchen sink

In many cases, unclogging a clogged kitchen sink requires several attempts and methods. With a few simple tools that you probably have around the house, you can clear a clog in the drain. The secret to success is trial and error until the clog is cleared. Clogs in your kitchen sink drain can be caused by a number of substances. However, grease, oil and food are the most common culprits. Get the following tools and try the following techniques to clear a stubborn clog in your kitchen sink drain.

Breaking up a greasy clog

If the clog is close to the drain and is made of grease, you may be able to remove it with boiling water and dish soap. First, remove the water or liquid from the sink. You can scoop this liquid out with a cup or ladle. Then pour half a cup of dishwashing liquid down the drain. Next, add 10 cups of boiling water. Next, let the mixture cool until the water is completely cool. At this point, the water should be gone and the drain unclogged, or you will need to try another method.

Plunge the clog down the drain

A plunger is very useful if you need to remove a mass from your kitchen sink drain. It doesn’t matter if there is water in the drain. Simply place the plunger on the drain of your sink and push down. Be sure to press gently so as not to damage your pipes. If you have a double sink, you may find that the water just runs from one sink to the other when you plunge it. In this case, someone needs to push a plug firmly into the adjacent sink. In most cases, the clog will clear on the first few tries. If you’ve been plunging for more than two minutes and the drain is still clogged, try the next option.

Remove your trap

Removing your trap is a very simple process, but it can be quite messy. First, place a bucket under the S-pipe in your sink drain. Also, place towels around the area to prevent splashing. Then, take the large pliers and carefully start turning the nut on the S-pipe. Be careful not to crush the pipe. Turn the nut with the pliers until you can finish the process with your hands. As you unscrew the nut, you may notice water coming out. Once the pipe is removed, check it for blockages or obstructions. You can use an object to pierce the pipe.

Snake the pipes clean

If you have a clog deep in your pipes, snaking is probably your only option. You can buy or rent a snake at your local hardware store, depending on what you prefer. A snake is a long, flexible tube that can be run through pipes to clear a clog.

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